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Time Packages

May 27th, 2022|

Life is a series of time blocks neatly stacked together, creating an overall portrait of each one of us. Each of the blocks is stuffed with memories, good and bad.  For example there is all my pre-school stuff, elementary school adventures (I publicly apologize to my kindergarten classmate upon whom I puked this noxious red medicine I was taking that, upon return, was a dead-ringer for blood.  I’m sure whomever it was is now either creating splatter-gore movies or is a child psychologist), intermediate school, high school, etc etc.

During the ten years that lay on either side of the changing of the Millenium, my focus on local music was at it’s peak through inclusion with the Baldwin Boys and the band Bridge Street, followed by a spell with compadre Andy Browne Troupe/Trio/whatever (now Georgia-based Lynx Deluxe). Bridge Street, however was more than just a series of great public gigs, outrageous rehearsals and studio time, it was inclusion into the Baldwin clan, being accepted by the family and extended families as one of their own.  Musicians can be like that.  While guitarist/songwriter Bill Baldwin was the driving force of the band, brother Steve Baldwin was the lead

When Is A Plan Not A Plan?

May 27th, 2022|

Regardless of what I perceive on social media – which, let’s face it, is like judging every John Grisham novel by reading only Skipping Christmas (Christmas with the Kranks) – it is impossible to work 24/7 productively, efficiently and with joyous abandon, without being carted away in a special jacket and re-housed in a rubber room. Social media reinforces the myth that:

  1. Everyone is successful
  2. Mental health is not an issue
  3. Everyone is having a much happier time in life than you or I.
  4. Everyone else appears to be breezing through life without a care in the world.
  5. Everyone should be connected with everyone else in the world.

Having a healthy work life, I’ve come to realize, starts with a plan.   If no real plan exists and day-to-day life is a series of whatever comes up separated by periods of self-loathing for not being able to accomplish what I imagine the rest of the world is accomplishing, then the rubber truck is waiting in full idle outside my door.


A Plan:

  1. Get one.
  2. The tool to use,  is whatever works for you – pen/paper, electronic, crayons, cave wall paintings – what every feels right AND is enjoyable.
  3. Plan time to plan.  Creating
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